Monday, January 25, 2016

Quiet Weekend.


 The furnace in the RV has been acting strange lately. I have noticed that after it runs for a while the flame will go out. After a minute or so it fires back up and works for a little while longer, then cycles again.
 We didn't have anything planned for the weekend but when I got up on Saturday I found out that the furnace wasn't working at all. The fan would come on but it wouldn't fire.
I decided that the control board was not working so I pulled it out and ordered a new one. It will be here in a couple of days.
The rest of the day we just goofed off.


Sunday morning we got up early and went to The Times Three restaurant to have breakfast with Jo Ann, Dave, Doris and Jim. We got there early so we got a table for six and waited for the rest to arrive.

The restaurants in Quartzsite are really having a hard time keeping up with the huge influx of people.
It is really hard to find good help and most of the restaurants are under staffed. Times Three is no exception.
The waitress we had was new. I ordered ham and eggs and she didn't know what I meant by that. I finally had to show her on the menu where it said Ham Steak and Eggs. Patti ordered Bacon and eggs with only two strips of bacon instead of the four strips that normally comes with the eggs and was told that she had to take the four pieces of bacon because they couldn't do any substitutions.
The others  had similar problems.
Eventually we got our food and it was okay. The coffee was good.

I think we will wait for all the short time people to leave in a couple of weeks before we try eating out here again.

The rest of the day we just hung out. Patti watched the football playoffs and I read my kindle.

We are going for jeep a ride today.

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