Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shopping, Crads, and a Yard Sale.


Patti and I decided to go to Parker to do some shopping. We waited until around 1:00 in the afternoon so we could have a late lunch/early dinner at the Crossroads Café.
We went to Walmart and actually found everything on our list (that's a first).
We were able to find some hand held two way radio's by Cobra so now we don't have to borrow one from the other jeepers.

Thursday evening we went to Becky and Dennis's to play cards. It was a fun evening.


Around 11:00 I went over to John's ( the guy that bought Clifford) to help him get the jeep ready to smog. I had to reconnect the fuel vapor recovery system.

Later in the day Patti and I went to Rainbow Acers to check out a garage sale that Tom told us about.
It was held next door to Tom. While Tom, Dennis M and I checked the sale out Patti and Cheryl visited with Lillie.
There was a lot of good stuff at the sale and if I had a permanent place down here I probably would have bought some things. Since I don't have any place to store a hydraulic press or an arc welder I just browsed.
They had a bunch of jeep parts but none that I need since my new jeep has all new suspension and a brand new top etc.

It was nice to visit with Tom and Lillie and see their place.

Later I went to over to help Cheryl with a problem on her computer. It took a while but we got it working.

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