Sunday, January 10, 2016

Wiring Snoopy

I spent most of yesterday getting Snoopy ready to tow.
I wired the tow lights up. When I checked the lights out there was a problem.
The left signal and stop lights weren't working. I got out my meter and checked out the wires and found that one of the wires had come loose from the plug. I fixed that and everything now works just fine.

The next thing to do was to install the wiring for the tow brakes. This took a while as I had to go to the store a couple of times to get connectors.
I didn't quite finish the wiring but got almost everything done under the hood.
Today, if it doesn't rain, I will work on getting the wiring done inside the jeep.
Then I will have to test the system. If everything works the jeep will be ready to tow when we leave for eastern Arizona at the end of the month.
We will be heading for the area around Florence, AZ. 

Okay that was my Saturday.

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