Thursday, January 7, 2016

Mounting the Tow Bar and the Wednesday Jeep Ride.

Mounting the Tow Bar.

On Tuesday, I decided to mount the brackets on the front bumper and mount the tow bar.
I used my Makita cordless drill to drill the holes on the bumper on Snoopy. I wasn't sure how well it would work but once again the drill surprised me as it did a great job. I  was even able to make the 1" hole for the tow light plug.

It took a while to get everything lined up correctly but eventually I got the kinks worked out and the tow bar fits good.

 The Wednesday Jeep Ride.

It was decided that we would go to the Horse Tanks for the Wednesday ride.
The Horse tanks are a series of waterholes in a canyon on the Kofa Game Refuge. The reason we were going there is because of the recent rains we thought there might be some waterfalls out there.
It rained hard Tuesday night so we were prepared for lots of water.

We met at the 76 station on the corner of 95 and Main street.
It was a clear very cold morning with lots of blue sky.
They elected me leader again so after everyone was gathered we headed south on 95. We drove about 30 miles to the Stone Cabin where we turned east on King Valley Road. Here we stopped to air down the tires. There were eight jeeps in the group this time.

After airing down we continued east into the Kofa enjoying the views of the mountains.

We noticed that the road was surprisingly dry. This didn't bode well for seeing waterfalls.
We drove east until we came to intersection 42 where we turned south and drove the 2 miles to the parking area near the Horse Tanks. There was no water in the creek.

Some of us walked to the first tank where we found that instead of waterfalls we found the tank was low and no water at the dam. It must not have rained as much here as it did in Quartzsite.

From here we drove back down the road to an other parking area where we walked up the hill to an Indian cave that has some seed grinding holes in the floor.

Lunch at Skull Rock.

After leaving the cave we drove back to highway 95 where we turned north and drove to Palm Canyon Road where we turned east.

We followed Palm Canyon Road to Queen Canyon Road just inside the Kofa boundary.
We followed this trail through beautiful Queen Canyon.

There are many interesting rock formations along the trail.

My favorite is Skull Rock.

It was very cold with a cold wind blowing up the canyon. Many of us took refuge inside the skull to get out of the wind.

We ate our lunch and looked at the rocks around us. In the photo below the rock spire in the middle is called the Queen which is where the canyon gets its name.

Even in the shelter of the cave it was so cold that we didn't stay long. After about 45 minutes we all headed for home.

It was a fun but cold ride.

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