Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A rainey day trip to Blythe and Drilling Holes For the Tow Bar

Ride  to Blythe.

Around 11:30 we drove to Blythe CA.  It was raining pretty hard as we drove west on I-10. When we got to Blythe the rain was much lighter.


We stopped at the DMV to drop off the release of the liability form for the sale of Clifford.
From the DMV we went to Ace Hardware to buy a 1" hole saw so I could make a hole in the front bumper to mount a plug  for the tow lights.
From there we went across the street to O'Reilly's auto parts to see if they had a windshield washer pump for Snoopy. They said they would have to order it so I decided to order one on line; that way I won't have to drive back to Blythe to get it.


We went to the A&R deli for lunch;  Patti had a chicken sandwich which she said was excellent.
I had their hot roast beef.
Their hot beef is much different than your normal open faced hot roast beef sandwich which is sliced beef over white bread with gravy and mashed potatoes.
This roast beef sandwich is thinly sliced beef with bell peppers, onions and a tomato sauce served in a home made hoagie roll.  It is kind of like a beef fajita on a roll and is excellent if a little sloppy.

After lunch we stopped at Albertsons to pick up a couple items then headed for home.

Once we crossed the mountains and came into the La Paz valley the rain increased and continued until late in the afternoon.

Drilling Holes for the Tow Bar.

I had made arrangements with  Dick to use his drill press to drill some holes in the brackets for the tow bar on snoopy.
I hadn't seen the drill press and was hoping it would be big enough to also drill the holes in the front bumper to mount the brackets.
I gathered up everything that I thought I would need to do the job and headed over to Dicks.
When I got there and saw  the drill press, I realized that it was going to be to small to do the work on the bumper but it would work for the brackets.
It took only about 45 minutes to drill all six holes; three in each  bracket.

  I can probably drill the rest of the holes in the bumper with my Makita cordless drill. The hardest one will be the 1" hole for the plug but I do have a hole saw.

Smog Problem With Clifford.  

John, the guy that bought Clifford called and said that he couldn't get it registered because the smog certificate wasn't on the DMV computer. The smog test is  good for 90 days and we thought he had until the 6th of January to get it  registered. Apparently we miscalculated and the 90 days was up on Sunday. I guess he will have to get Clifford recertified. 

It is supposed to rain again today but the rain hasn't started yet.

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