Monday, January 4, 2016

Visiting Day

Sunday is football day on the TV and a lot of people stay home to watch the games.
Our friend Denis is a big football fan so we figured that he and Sue would be home. We decided to go have a little visit with them.
After lunch we got in the jeep and drove over to The Quail Run RV Resort, where they are staying.
When we got to their place they weren't there.

What to do?

We drove over to Holiday Palms to visit with Jo Ann and Dave. Their jeep was gone so we figured they were not home either.

We went by Debbie's and  she was home so we stopped and visited with her and her friend Mo for a while. After an hour or so we headed out.

We drove by Jo Ann and Dave's again and the jeep was there. As it turned out Jo Ann had gone to do some shopping when we first drove by but Dave was there.
We stopped and visited with them for a while.

After a  while we headed for home. The rest of the day we just hung out at our place.

That was our Sunday.
We don't watch football.

It is raining today (Monday)  

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