Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Weenie Roast

We were invited to a weenie roast yesterday.

The roast was held in the desert south west of town.

It started around noon and there were about fourteen people. Of course it was a good time and there was a lot of kidding and joking going on.

Here are a couple random pictures.

The weather was variable. There were some dark clouds floating overhead on the wind. When the clouds covered the sun it got pretty cool but when the sun peeked out it warmed up nicely.

Once the fire burned down to hot coals we cooked our dogs.

Once we had eaten the hotdogs we roasted marshmallows and dipped them in Bayley's Irish Ceram. That is very yummy.

We stayed there until around 3:30 then headed for home.

It was a fun gathering.

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