Tuesday, December 1, 2015

We Order a Satellite TV Setup, Clifford Has a Flat and the Lockers Arrive.


New Satellite TV.

Patti has been wanting a satellite TV setup for the RV so yesterday I called Direct TV to see if we could get a receiver. They told me to contact Winegard. They sell automatic satellite TV dishes and receivers. I called them and ordered a system. It should be here by next Monday. I hate paying so much to watch television but where we are there is no cable and no on air reception and Patti really likes to watch TV.
Also, we are already paying for the sat TV at home and are not there to watch it. For a little more each month we can watch TV whereever we are.

Clifford has a flat.

I was puttering around the yard and noticed that the rear tire on the passenger side of Clifford was flat.

I got out the tools and pulled the tire off and checked it out. I found a large screw head sticking out of the tread of the tire. The only times that I have ever had flats with these tires was from screws punching through the tread.
I figured that it must have happened when I went to the dump on Sunday. 
There is a tire shop in “Q” so after putting the spare on Clifford I headed to town the get the flat fixed. The guy said to leave the tire and come back in a couple of hours.
I went back in a couple of hours and the tire was fixed. It cost me twenty bucks to have the tire plugged. “OUTRAGIOUS!!!” But what can you do; the only other closest place to get a tire fixed is in Blythe, 20 miles away.

Lockers Arrive.

I had just finished putting the tire on the spare tire carrier when the UPS truck pulled up. The guy handed me a large box. When I opened it, there was the Detroit lockers that I had ordered and a couple of “sport grips” (oh shit handles). The grips go on the role bar
above the side window. We received two grips but I only installed one on the passenger side since I have the steering wheel to hang onto.

Later, I called the guy in Yuma that everyone has used to have the lockers installed. I asked if I had to make an appointment and he said no just bring it in and leave it for the entire day.
That means we will probably have to make two trips down there; one to drop the jeep off and one to pick it up. 
Tomorrow we are going on a jeep ride so we can’t do it then so we may try to do  it Thursday.

Okay that’s it.
Talk to you later.

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