Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Wednesday Ride.

I was chosen as leader of this Wednesday's ride and decided to take the group to the Kofa Wildlife Refuge. Kofa stands for King of Arizona and is one of my favorite places in this area.

We met at the Arco station at the east end of town.

Once everyone who was going on the ride had arrived we headed out.
We got on I-10 and drove east 26 miles to the Vicksburg Road exit where we got off the interstate. Here we topped off the fuel tanks and aired down the tires.
While I was airing down, Patti put the "Col-de-sac Tours sign on Snoopy's door's.

Once everyone had filled the tanks, etc. we headed south on Vicksburg Road crossed into the Kofa and continued to the Pipeline road where we turned west. We drove west on the Pipeline road a couple miles to intersection 14. Here we turned south and drove across the flats, passing Craven Well.

We continued along the flats and eventually began climbing into the mountains.

Red Rock Pass is a fun ride; a little bumpy but not too challenging.
Eventually we got over the pass and headed  for Hoodoo Well.
We got to the  Hoodoo Hilton right at 12:00 just in time for lunch. Since the sun was warm we decided to dined alfresco.
After lunch we headed back along the Red Rock Pass trail to intersection 34 where we turned east. We drove for a few miles to Hovatter Ranch.
We drove in through the circular driveway flanked by Saguaro and  Ocotillo cactus.
We walked around the area for a while and climbed the hill to pay our respects at the Family grave site.
Here is the view from the grave site.
After a while we got back in the jeeps and drove east out of  the mountains.
I lived up to our motto "we get lost for you" and took a wrong turn. After a mile or two I realized my mistake so we turned around and backtracked to the main trail where we got on Hovatter Road, a wide graded road and followed it north to the pipeline road where we turned west and drove to Vicksburg Road. We turned north on Vicksburg Road and followed it to I-10. After airing up the tires we head for Quartzsite and stopped at Carl's Jr. for dinner.
As always it was a fun ride.   

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