Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Doing Chores, Helping Dennis M and Washing the Jeep.


Dumping the tanks.

The first chore was to dump the “black water tank” on the motor home.
While I was dumping the “black water tank” I could hear Dennis M. running some kind of machine over at his place.

Helping Dennis M. Dig Post Holes.

After I was finished with the tank. I walked over there and found Dennis and Bill trying to dig some post holes with an gas powered auger and having a hard time of it.
There were so many rocks in the ground that the auger wouldn’t dig very well.
They had been at it for quite a while.
When I got there, they had two holes started but were now using a heavy bar and clam shell post hole digger. Of course I pitched in and helped them. Once we got the first two holes dug down to 2 feet deep Dennis and Bill tried the auger on the next ones. The auger did better but we still had to use the bar and clam shell to break up and remove large rocks from the holes.
After what seemed like a couple hours we had all six holes dug.


When I came back to my place, Patti had the cloths collected and was ready to go to the laundry-mat. She took Clifford so I could wash  the new jeep.

Seal Leaking on the Jeep.

As you may recall, I had rear lockers and new bearings and seals installed in the jeep last Thursday.
On Saturday we went on the rock crawling ride.
While we were airing down I noticed that there was some oil leaking from the drivers side rear wheel.
This happens sometimes with new seals. Occasionally they will leak for a little while until they get seated. I will keep an eye on the wheel to see what happens. I hope I don’t have to make another trip to Yuma to get it fixed.

Washing the Jeep.

One of the reasons that I wanted to wash the jeep was to clean the oil of the inside of the wheel so I could monitor that situation.
Of course, the jeep was also pretty dirty after two trips to the desert.

House Work and Lunch at Carl’s.

Once I  was finished washing the jeep I started cleaning up the inside of the motor home. The motor home isn’t that big so sweeping and moping the floors and dusting, etc. doesn't take that long.
Even so after that and all the other chores I had done I was pooped.

When Patti got back from the laundry-mat we decided to go to Carl’s Jr. for lunch. We saw Dennis and Cheryl there so we sat with them.

The rest of the day I goofed off and took an hour nap.

Patti fixed tacos for dinner. Yumm.

Cheryl also brought over some cookies she made with the “Cherry Pie” liqueur. They were wonderful!!

Okay that’s it for now.

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