Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Ride to See More Intaglio's and More.

Yesterday we took a ride to the California side of the Colorado River to see more Intaglios.

We met the group at the Carl's Jr. on the west side of town and once everyone was there we headed west on I-10.  We crossed the Colorado River, took the CA 95 exit and headed north for about 20 miles to the turnoff to the Intaglios; there is sign on the highway so it is easy to find. We turned left onto a graded dirt road and followed it to the first parking area. We had to walk about a hundred yards to a fenced in area and the first figure.

On the way we thought that we had disturbed a swarm of bees as we could hear a loud angry buzzing sound. It turned out to be a drone flying over the Intaglios apparently taking pictures. Not a bad idea since they are hard to make out from ground level.

As you can see in the picture below I had to hold the camera as high as possible to be able to see the figure clearly.

A drone would make this easier.
This one looks like some kind of animal and a snake.
After taking pictures of these dirt drawings we walked back to the jeeps and headed for the next set a few hundred yards up the road.

The mountains to the west are very intriguing but are in the Big Maria Wilderness and only open to the young and fit and the wealthy (hiking and horseback).

We drove to the next drawing.
This one appears to be a bowlegged giant.

The road continued past these drawings and goes toward the mountains so we decided to follow it as far as we could.

Along the way we got some nice views of the mountains

and the fertile Colorado River Valley.

When we came to the wilderness boundary the trail turned right and dropped into a large wash.

We found a spot in the wash for lunch.

After lunch we continued down the wash looking for a way out.

Eventually after some thrashing around we  found a trail going out of the wash. We climbed out of the wash

 and followed this new trail toward the mountains.

Once again we turned back at the wilderness and headed for the highway.

At one point there was a large washout on  the trail that caused us to take a detour into the wash and around the wash out.

When we got to the highway we turned north and drove to Wilson Road where there is a bridge crossing the Colorado.
We crossed the bridge and continued west to Mojave Road where we tuned north and followed it to  Burns Road where we turned east and drove to the second stop sign. Here we turned south on a very dusty graded dirt road.

Eventually we turned off at a gate and headed for the trail that follows the ridge on the north side of the Mini Grand Canyon. We took this route because we were killing time so we could have dinner at Mya's Mexican Restaurant in Parker. Also Dave and Jo Ann hadn't seen this canyon before and it is worth the trip.

This route is in the opposite direction from the way we normally come here.
Normally we drive from east to west and climb a steep sand hill to get to the ridge. This time we got to drive down the sand hill. It was a different and fun experience.

When we got to the bottom of the hill we turned left and drove in the wash until we eventually got to the pavement; we turned east and drove to Hwy. 95 where we turned north toward parker and Mya's. The dinner was excellent and the service was friendly.

After dinner Patti and I went to Walmart. Patti went in the store to shop while I stayed in the parking lot and aired up the tires on the jeep.

After I announced that we had a name for the new jeep "Dusty" I woke up in the middle of the night and a little voice in my head said, "dumb ass, you should have named it Snoopy".
The jeep is white and black and looks a little like a snoopy dog. The name is also consistent with the Peanuts theme of my vehicles ie; my van Pigpen. So after much agonizing over the change I have decided that Snoopy it is.

Okay, that was the Wednesday ride.

We are going to Becky and Dennis's this afternoon for Christmas Eve Dinner in the new AZ room.

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