Monday, December 28, 2015

Do nothing Day and Some Work on Snoopy

On Saturday we did nothing of interest. It was very cold with high winds so we stayed indoors and read books etc.

On Sunday it was not as cold and the winds had died down so I decided to start installing the auxiliary brake system.
The goal was to get the actuator installed. I tried to do the job without removing the seat but after fighting it for a while I decided that the seat had to come out. Patti came out with her camera so you have some pictures.

Now I can get to things much  easier if easier is the correct word.

I had to position everything correctly. The toughest part was mounting the pulley for the cable connection to the brake peddle. The medal is so thin on these new jeeps that the self taping screws kept stripping out. I ended up using regular sheet metal screws and being very careful about not over tightening them. Eventually I got the pulley attached to the floor.

After getting the pulley in I had to find a spot to mount the power controller.  I found a spot high on the firewall and screwed it down.
The next thing was to mount the actuator. It takes up a lot of room so I mounted it behind the seat  and ran the cable around the seat against the side wall.

When I tried to put the seat back in I found that the actuator was in the way so I had to reposition it.
Eventually I got everything in the right place and decided to call it a day.
The next thing I will have to do is the wiring and plumb the vacuum line from the pump to the brake system. I mounted the pump about a week ago. I also have to mount the breakaway switch on the front bumper but that will have to wait until I mount the brackets for the tow bar and drill some big holes in the bumper. I need a drill press to do that. Dick has a drill press and said that I could use it to do it. I just need to buy a 5/8 drill bit and a metal cutting hole saw for  that job.

Okay, that's it for now.

Cheryl and Dennis are going to Algodones Mexico today and Patti talked me into going with them. I don't like border towns but I have a hard time turning Patti down when she really wants to do something.
Algodones is just across the border from Yuma. While we are there we plan to stop in Yuma to see  the new Star Wars movie. That is the real reason I am going.

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