Friday, December 18, 2015

Working on Dennis's building.

Yesterday we did some more work on Dennis K's building.

On Tuesday we framed the walls.
Yesterday we framed the roof and put up some of the siding.
We ran out of siding just in time to call it a day.
There were five of us working on the building, the youngest guy in the crew is in his 60's. The rest of us are in our 70's. Of course we were all pretty wiped out by the end of the day but we got a lot done.

I took a couple of pictures of the construction

I took this picture when I arrived on site on Thursday. They are just starting to put up the first ceiling joist.

Below is Dennis, one day out of the hospital from back surgery and Tom's wife Lillie, supervising the project.  

Below is the building at the end of the day Thursday.

We ran out of T-111 siding and we don't have the proper insulation for the underside of the roof so while we are on our jeep ride today, Dennis will be trying to get enough siding and insulation to finish the job.

We should be back on the job Saturday.

Last evening we played cards at Dennis and Cheryl's. We only played one game because everyone was tired from the days labors so we quit early.

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