Monday, December 21, 2015

A Day Off and Visiting Friends.

We didn't do much yesterday.

I washed the jeep.

Oh, by the way Patti came up with a name for the new jeep and after some consideration we decided to use it.
Henceforth; the new jeep will be known as "Dusty". We considered several names such as "Snow Flake" and "Plain Jane" but they were to female for me. We considered and a couple others like "Strider" or "Shadowfax" but they were a bit ostentatious. I wanted a simple one word name so "Dusty" fits the bill. It kind of goes along with the name of my van "Pigpen" which was named after the Peanuts character who always had a cloud of dust following him around.

After I washed Dusty we went to visit our friends from Montreal, Denis and Sue. They will be here for a couple of months. We spent an hour or so visiting with them and enjoyed our visit.

After leaving Denis and Sue we went to "Taco Mio" for lunch.

We stopped at the store to get some chocolate chips to make fudge.
From there we went to get our mail from our PO Box.

The rest of the day we just goofed off.

Today, it's back to work on Dennis K's room. We should get the roof on today.

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