Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A trip to Mexico and Star Wars.



Yesterday around 9:00 am Cheryl and Dennis picked us up and off we went to Algodones, Mexico.
I don't like border towns but I got talked into going with a bribe to see the new Star Wars movie afterwards. We got to the border around 10:30 and parked in the big parking lot just outside Mexico.
We a walked across the border and went to the Algodones Optical Company so Cheryl could get her glasses repaired.
We sat around there for about half an hour.
Once the glasses were fixed we walked down the street.

Being harassed the whole way by hawkers.

We turned a corner and continued along a crowed sidewalk to a Pharmacy.

Here I bought some Omeprazole, very cheap.

After buying my meds we returned to the main street where we went to the "Old Town" Restaurant

Here we had lunch.

Cheryl had an avocado and shrimp salad.

Patti had Shrimp Fajita's.

Dennis had the combo #1

I had the combo #2

The food was very good and  the price was reasonable.

Star Wars.

After lunch we left Algodones and drove to Yuma where we stopped at the Harken Movie Theater to watch the new Star Wars  movie.
The movie was great! There were some surprises and some interesting new characters.
The movie ended with the story still to continue. Look for a sequel in a  couple of years.


After the movie we drove to the Foothill Walmart so Cheryl and Patti could do some shopping.
Dennis and I waited in the parking lot.

After leaving Walmart we drove to The 99cent Only Store so Cheryl could get a few things.
Patti,  Dennis and I waited in the car.


From the 99cent store we went to Dairy Queen.  Cheryl and Dennis both had Blizzards and Patti got a small cone; then we headed for home. We got back to Quartzsite around 6:45.
We tried to go to Silly Al's for pizza but couldn't find a parking spot. We drove over to the Grubstake to try for a fish dinner. Grubbs was over flowing with no tables available so we went to The Times Three and found it almost empty. That tells you a little about which are the more popular restaurants in Quartzsite. We each had a light dinner and headed for home.

Okay, that was our Mexican adventure.


Today is house work and laundry day so that is the blog for Tuesday unless something exciting happens.


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