Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Laundry, House Work and a Weenie Roast.

Yesterdays blog.

In the last blog I mentioned that we were doing chores; laundry and house work today and I wouldn't publish a blog unless some thing interesting happened.

Some thing happened.

While Patti was at  the laundromat taking care of the laundry.
I was just getting ready to mop the floor in the RV when Dave and Denis showed up.
They said that they wanted to have a weenie roast in the afternoon.
"That sounds great! I replied. "What time?"
"How about we meet at Carl's at 3:00." Dave suggested.
"That should work".

I called Patti and told her what we are planning and she agreed and said that she would pick up hot dogs and buns on the way home. 

When she got back to the RV, we got what we would need together and by 3:00 we were at Carl's.
After a short BS session we were on our way to the weenie roast spot south of town.

It was a small group with Jo Ann, Dave, Sue, Denis, there friend Frank, Patti and I.

The weather was cold enough this time that the fire was welcome.

We cooked our dogs and shot the bull until well after dark. When all the wood was burned up we went home.

It was a fun time as always.

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