Sunday, November 29, 2015

Laundry, Housework and Rock Sliders For the New Jeep.


Laundry day.

Friday we were running out of clean socks and undies so Patti packed the dirty clothes up and went to do the laundry. While she was doing that I did some housework. Cleaned the shower and tub, swept the floors and mopped the kitchen, the hall and bathroom.

The rest of the day we just hung out.

Rock Sliders For the New Jeep.

When we got home from Wednesdays jeep ride, the rock sliders had been delivered.

Yesterday I called Dennis M to see if he would be interested in giving me a hand installing the rock sliders. He was putting up Christmas decorations and said he would come over in about an hour and give me a hand.

I moved the jeep onto the big slab behind our place and started removing the short flairs in front of the doors. Then I unpacked the rock guards.

I read the installation instructions and the first thing it said to do was remove all the body mounts from one side of the jeep; which I did.
Dennis showed up about then and brought his bottle jack so we could jack the body up.

The first rock slider took us about 2 hours to do. The instructions weren’t very clear but once we figured out what they were telling us it wasn’t that hard to do. We had to cut 3/16” off the top of two of the body mount bushings and reinstall them with the rock slider mounting plate between the top of the mount and the bushing.
Once we got the first rock guard mounted, we took a break for lunch. 

After lunch we started on the second guard. It only took us about 20 minutes to install it.

It is amazing how easy things are when you know what to do.

As usual I was too busy to take pictures while we were working on the jeep but here is a picture of the finished job.


Okay that’s all for now.

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