Sunday, November 8, 2015

Settling In and Jeep Repairs


Settling In.

We spent Friday just getting things arranged. We put all the awnings out and picked up some junk around the RV. In the afternoon I got on a ladder and caulked the dome over the shower. It leaked during the last rain we had up north.

We went into town to get a few things. I noticed that the radiator on the jeep was leaking. I picked up some Stop Leak and put it in the radiator.

Jeep Repairs.

Saturday morning we decided to go to Lake Havasu City to do a little shopping.

As we started up Highway 95 the jeep was running real bad. When I tried to accelerate, it would stumble and shutter.

I noticed that the engine temp would cycle from about about 190° to about 220° and back again. We also noticed that there was no heat coming from the heater. I wasn’t sure what was going on with the engine.
There were a couple possibilities. One was a large air bubble in the cooling system, another possibility was a clogged fuel filter. I decided to get some parts to give the Jeep a tune up.
We are planning a trip to Sedona, AZ for three days of 4wheeling so I decided to also change the radiator.
We went to Walmart to get a few things. Then went to lunch at the Cross Roads Restaurant.
After lunch we went to AutoZone to see if they had a radiator. They did have one and it was about $25.00 less than the last one I bought a couple of years ago. It seems that the radiators only last about two seasons and then start leaking around the seams.
This new radiator comes with a life time warrantee. I am sure I will use the warrantee.

On the way home from Parker the jeep ran perfectly; it would accelerate with no problem and ran nice and  smooth. WTF?

When we got home I swapped out the fuel filter. It is in a very tough spot to get too but after a lot of grunting and some colorful language and a few curses directed at the engineer who decided that this would be a good spot for the fuel filter, I  finally got  it changed.

Next was the radiator. When I took the cap off the radiator there was no coolant visible.
I think that was probably the problem since the temp sensor is central to the operation of the engine and an air block could cause problems.

It isn’t to hard to change the radiator; I have done it a few times but by the time I was done, I was wiped out so I took the rest of the day off. 

Today (Sunday) I am going to change the spark plugs, distributer cap and wires. It hasn’t been done since this engine was installed. I don’t think it will make any difference but it can’t hurt.

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