Monday, November 2, 2015

More Preparations for Getting Underway.


Lunch with the kids.

We emptied the fridge in the house and put everything that we were taking in the RV fridge. The rest we gave to Dina.

Around 2:30 we took Dina and Harvey to a lunch/dinner at the place of their choice. Which turned out to be a sports bar/restaurant called BJ’s. They make some real good Hamburgers.

Continue Packing.

We continued taking things out to the RV one or two Items at a time, as we think of them. We only have a couple of things to do before we leave. Patti made up the bed so we are very close.

We talked to the neighbors around us and let them know that we would be gone. They said that they would keep a good eye on the place.

Today we will continue getting ready. Tomorrow morning we will leave.

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