Saturday, November 21, 2015

Laundry Day and Jeep stuff.


No Hot Water and Patti Does Laundry:

This morning when I got up to take my morning shower I found that the water heater had tripped off  due  to a lack of propane. I slipped on a pair of pants and threw on a sweatshirt and my boots and went outside to swap from the external propane tank to the onboard tank.


“Burrrr it”s cold out there.”
I jumped back in bed and waited for the water to get hot.
After breakfast Patti took the new jeep to the laundry-mat with 5 loads of laundry.

Off To Do Errands:

After Patti left to do the laundry I gathered up all the trash that we had been stacking up in the shed (yes, this spot we are staying in has a shed).  I put the trash in the back of Clifford.
We were almost out of drinking water (you don’t drink the tap water in Quartzsite) so I put the water jugs in the front seat along  with the empty propane tank and off I went to take care of my errands.

The first stop was the dump.

I drove to 95, turned north and drove about 2 miles to the refuse transfer station. As I turned onto the dump road I noticed that there was no one dumping garbage. When I got to the gate, it was closed. The sign on the gate told the tail; the dump is only open Sunday through Wednesday. Wonderful! I guess I have to keep  all this trash in Clifford until Sunday. What a come down for poor Clifford from a rock crawling super star to a garbage truck.

Getting Propane From an Old Acquaintance.

From the dump I went back to town and stopped at Herb’s Hardware to fill up the propane tank.
When I pulled up to the propane fill station I noticed this old guy with a white beard and round belly walking toward me. As he approached I recognized him.
He looked at me and said “You look familiar, are you a buck skinner?” 
“yes I am” I replied, Aren’t you Iron Jaw?” I asked.
“Yep”, he drawled.” “And who might you be?”
I’m Tangle-foot I held out my paw for a shake.
”Yes” he said, “now I remember you”.
We stood around talking about the old days at Rendezvous. After some gabbing he filled my propane bottle and I left to find some water.

The Mobil gas station has drinking water for $0.25 per gallon. I filled the jugs and headed back to the RV.

Cleaning out the Center Console in Clifford.

After hooking up the external tank and putting away the water jugs, I started taking stuff out of Clifford. The first thing I did was to clean out the console between the seats. I was amazed at how much stuff was in there. The new jeep’s console is not big enough to hold it all. I put the basics in the new jeep.

My next chore was to clean out under the  seats in Clifford.

Tow strap, two rock hammers, machete, two pairs of leather gloves, nylon rope, receiver tow hitch, tow strap, etc. It all fit under and along side the new seats. I had already moved the air pump and the tool bag to the new jeep.

The next thing to do was take  the platform and boxes out of the back of Clifford and see if it would fit in the new jeep.
(I really have to come up with an good name for the new jeep).
First, I took all the garbage out of the back of Clifford and stacked it to the side. Luckily there was no wind today.

I took the back seat out of the new jeep and put it in the shed.
Next I removed the boxes from Clifford, then I unscrewed the screws holding the platform down and removed it. I put the platform in the new jeep and it sort of fit. It was close enough to work temporarily but I will have to make a new one when I get home.



After breakfast I removed the batteries from Clifford and the new jeep and swapped them as Clifford had a new “gel cell” and the new jeep’s battery was an unknown “wet cell”.

After that I decided to swap the winch from Clifford to the new jeep. I removed the winch and tried to put it on the new jeep. There was no way that it would fit. I decided that I really didn’t need  a winch on the new jeep right now so I put it back on Clifford. It might be a selling point.

The First or Last Cactus Blossom:

Patti went to the store to get some eggs. On her way home she noticed a Beavertail cactus blooming.


I don’t know whether this is the first blossom of the season or the last blossom of the year, either way it was a surprise.

Lunch and a Hair Cut.

For lunch Patti and I went to Taco Mio for a couple taco’s.
After lunch we went to Holiday Palms to see Debbie and get our hair cut. I get a hair cut every 6 months whether I need it or not. One when we get to Quartzsite and one just before we leave in April.

Okay that takes care of the last couple of days; talk to you later.

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