Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Slow Days


We haven’t done a whole lot that last few days.

I have been stripping some more stuff out of Clifford. Sunday I took all the stuff for the auxiliary towing brake system from Clifford but I haven’t started putting any of it on the new jeep yet.
Yesterday I took the wires for the towing lights off Clifford. I think that is the last thing that I will taking off. Now I am waiting to get the pink slip for Clifford before I put a For Sale sign on it and park it along highway 95.

I am making a couple large batches of Nopalitos for the group for Thanksgiving so yesterday I cut up 4 pounds of pork into small bite size pieces. That will save me a lot of time on Thursday.

We are getting a little bored lately so today we are going to take trip to Lake Havasu City. Patti wants to check out the “99 Cent Only” store to see if they have any of that chocolate wine that we bought there last year. I also want to go to Harbor Freight to see if I can get a high lift jack for the new jeep as there is no jack in it.
That’s not very exciting but it will be an outing anyway.

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