Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Quartzsite to Jerome, The Smiley Rock Trail and a new Jeep.


Quartzsite to Jerome.

We met the Jeep group at the Arco station at the east end of town.


Once we were all gathered we headed east on I-10. We turned onto AZ 60 and continued east to AZ 71 and AZ 89 where we turned north.

We stopped at the Corner Stone Bakery in Yarnel and everyone snacked up. Good stuff!


We continued on 89 to Jerome where we turned left at the fire station onto Perkinsville Rd.


We followed Perkinsville for a mile or so to where the pavement ends. Here we aired down the tires.
We stopped  in front of the Gold King Mine, a private ghost town and  mine.
They had some interesting signs along the road.



Once we were all aired  down we drove for about 5 miles.


There were some nice views looking northeast from the road.



Smiley Rock Trail.

After about 5 miles we turned onto the Smiley Rock trail. A little ways along the trail we stopped for lunch. It was so cold and windy that we ate in our jeeps.


At first the trail was pretty easy as it wound through the mountains and forest.


We passed these cliffs with cactus growing out of them.


Eventually we came to Smiley Rock.


A little ways past the rock we passed a cave in a cliff on the left. The cave looked like it was hollowed out for a dwelling.
You can see smoke residue on the ceiling.


A little ways further the trail becomes a little more difficult.


This only lasted for about two miles and ended  at a good graded road back to the highway. Here We turned left and drove back through Jerome  and on to Sedona where we stopped at the White House Inn; which is actually green and maroon. ??
This is where we are going to spend the next three nights. We all went to “Nicks on the West Side Café”. The food was good and prices were reasonable.

A new Jeep.

Patti and I have decided that we wanted a newer Jeep since Clifford is getting senile.
Monday, Dennis was checking out Jeeps on Craig’s list and found what looked like a really good deal. I called the guy and told him that I was interested in checking out the jeep but that we were going to Sedona for three days and I would have to wait until we were back from there. He said that he wouldn’t hold it for me which I understood.
Tuesday we left for Sedona.
Last night I had trouble sleeping think about the jeep. I was worried that it would be gone before I even got a chance to check it out.
This morning when we met the group at McDonalds, I told them that if I could get ahold of the guy with the jeep and if he hadn’t sold it I was going to drive to Phoenix to check it out.

I called him and the jeep was not sold yet so Patti and I headed to Phoenix. I consider driving to Phoenix is like driving into “the Heart of Darkness”
It was actually not to bad. It only took us about one hour and forty-five minutes.

We eventually found the guy’s place and began checking out the jeep. 


After taking a drive on the freeway and around the area a bit, I was hooked!

I gave the seller, a guy named “Purple” a $100.00 deposit and promised that I would return on Monday or Tuesday with the remainder.

I was euphoric on the way home. Now that the deal is made maybe I can get some sleep.

Now I will have to sell Clifford.Sad smile I have been trying to find some way to keep him but It just Isn’t practical.
Would any one out there like to buy an experienced jeep YJ?

Buddhist Stupa.

After we got back to the room we got a call from Cheryl saying that they were heading back and would pick us up to go see some sights. They decided to go to a Buddhist Stupa.

Of course every place you go around Sedona you have great views.


The Stupa was on  the edge of town.


Well that takes care of the last couple days.

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