Sunday, November 15, 2015

Two More Trails on the Way Home.


Mingus Mountain.

We left Sedona around 8:00 AM for the return trip to Quartzsite.
We headed west on 89 through  Cottonwood to Mingus Mountain Road.

You can see the mountains we are going to drive through in the distance.


We stopped at the Maverick station where we topped off the fuel tanks, then headed into the mountains.

The road started out paved but soon turned to a wide gravel road. We stopped here to air down.


As we climbed higher into the mountains the trail became smaller.


Most of the trail was easy with only a couple rough spots.


Even higher in the mountains we began seeing some fall colors.


We passed the remains of the Copper Chief Mine.


The trail continues to climb.


As we climbed we saw more color in some of the trees along the trail;


and in the valley’s


Even higher, we splashed through puddles covered with ice.


Eventually we got to the top where we had some spectacular views of the red rock cliffs and the San Francisco Peaks in the north.


Eventually we came to Highway 89 west of Jerome. At the highway we turned east and drove a couple miles to our next trail.

Woodchute Trail.

The Woodchute Trail is an easy trail. At times a little brushy but other than that not very exciting we stopped for lunch at a spot overlooking the red rock country.


After lunch we continued around the loop and came back to the highway. Here we aired up and headed for Quartzsite.
We got home around 5:30 PM.

Back Home in Q.

We stopped at the bank to see if our check for the money to buy the new jeep had cleared but It hadn’t and the total funds won’t be released until next Thursday.
I guess I’ll have to try another approach to get the cash.

Yesterday we went to Blythe, CA so I could power wash the engine in Clifford and we could get a few groceries.
We also wanted to see if the A & R Bakery and Deli was still  in business. It was so we picked up one of their wonderful cheery crisps to have for dessert. Yummm!

It was an awesome four day’s of jeeping.

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