Monday, November 3, 2014

Suzanne and Roy at the cabin. 11-3-14


We picked up Suzanne and Roy around 9:00 and head for Boonville.
When we got to Boonville we stopped at the market/deli and bought sandwiches to eat for lunch at the cabin.


After lunch we wandered around showing them what we have built here.
We took a walk to the Bear Spring, stopping to check out the Big Fern
Spring tank.
When we got back to the cabin we got in Patti’s car and drove down to
show Suzanne and Roy the barn, the old paymaster’s shack and the
old truck with the Madrone tree growing up through it. Some how we
didn’t get any pictures of any of this.

After checking out the barn, etc., we headed for the Grove.
We walked down to the swimming hole to check out the tree that had
fallen into it.


Suzanne and Roy were very impressed with the huge Redwoods at
the grove.

From the grove we headed for home and stopped for dinner at
Mary’s Pizza Shack.

It was a fun day and S&R enjoyed seeing the cabin, etc.

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