Sunday, November 23, 2014

Almost ready to travel. 11-24-14


Yesterday we continued putting stuff in the motor home. It sounds like we are taking a lot of stuff with us but actually we are just putting little collections of stuff in the RV at a time.
Whenever we go out there we take an item or two.

There is an extra set of mirrors for the jeep that I put on when the doors are off. I was getting ready to pack them, when I realized that they were chromed on the back.
Well, that ain’t gona work!
I went to the local hardware store and got a rattle can of the camo base color. Then I sanded the chrome and painted them.
Ok, that’s better.

Last evening we went to the high school for the football awards.

The juniors got their letters and the seniors were recognized for their achievements.


Harvey got honorable mention.


Harvey (quarterback), his cousin Devonte (tight end / defecive end) and Harvey’s favorite receiver.


There was also a pretty good pot luck.



This is the door pull for the drivers side of the jeep. It has always been a problem for me.


When driving on really rough stuff the door pull and my left elbow often come into conflict; my left elbow getting the worst of the deal and often coming away bloody.
Last season I took the door pull off but that makes it hard to close the door so today I decided to fix the problem.

Here is what I did;

I dug around in one of my leather scrap stashes and came up with this piece of heavy deer hide. I think this was made as a liner for a coyote skin hat and turned out to make it too hot.


I cut a strip out of the side, sprayed it with contact glue and when the glue dried folded it together.


After the glue set I measured it out , punched a small hole in each end and mounted the new door pull.


It is much softer than the old one. I know it is going to stretch and I will probably have to punch new holes occasionally.

Okay we are ready to go out for dinner with Joanne and Dave so I will quit now.

We are off to Bakersfield tomorrow.

RV jeep

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