Saturday, November 1, 2014

A ride to the coast.

We picked up Suzanne and Roy at their RV around 10:00 and headed for the coast. We drove Pocket Canyon Road
to Guerneville. We stopped to visit with Bob for a little  while then continued our ride to the coast. We stopped near
Jenner to take a look at the mouth of the Russian River.
The mouth is closed but we could see seals lying on the sand where the mouth should be.


From Jenner we headed south along the coast stopping occasionally to take pictures.



We stopped in Bodega Bay for lunch at the Tides Restaurant.
The main restaurant is very expensive so we had
lunch at the snack bar.


After lunch we drove out to Bodega Head; it was very
windy and cold so we took a few pictures and left.


There were lots of boats coming and going in the bay
as it was the opening day of the Crab season.


We headed home and dropped Roy and Suzanne off at their RV then came home for a little while. Around 5:30 we went back to Suzanne and Roy’s, had some snacks and played cards.

It was a fun day and S&R were impressed with the beauty of our coastline.

Tomorrow we are going to the cabin. 



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