Monday, November 17, 2014

A little paddle on the Russian River Estuary.


Patti’s computer picked up a virus so I had to take it over to Bob to get it repaired. If it wasn’t for Bob I probably wouldn’t even have a computer. It’s all his fault :o) Fortunately he knows how to fix them and doesn’t mind doing it.
Thanks a lot Bob!!

When I got to Bob’s he asked if I wanted to go for a yak. 
“Sure, why not”, I replied. So we left the computer in his house and headed for Jenner to yak the Russian River Estuary.

There were a lot of people at the boat ramp when we arrived but fortunately we were able to get in the water fairly quickly.


We got our boats in the water and I paddled out a little ways to wait for Bob to park the car and get away from the tourists asking questions.


We paddled over to the north side of Penny Island and sat for a short time.


From there we paddled up stream past the east end of the Island.


As we came around the east end of the island we could see this old house down near the water on the south shore and more houses in the trees on the ridge above it.


We slowly paddled along the south side of Penny Island stopping occasionally to enjoy the scenery.


Here is a shot of the closed mouth of the river and the rocks north of the mouth.


We paddled around the west end of the island. From here you get a nice view of part of the town.


As we paddled up the north side of the Island we passed this old redwood stump.


Since the mouth of the river is closed and the water in the estuary has risen to about eight feet at the visitors center; the west end of Penny island is flooded.
We were able to paddle into the flooded island


where we entered a small bay that was clogged with driftwood.


On the way out of the island we paddled by another interesting stump.


The boat ramp was very busy when we started heading in so we slowly paddled over to the north side of the estuary. I am always impressed with the view of Jenner from the water.


Here is one particularly nice house.


As we traveled along the north shore we  passed this old cypress tree growing near a small house.


Eventually the ramp cleared enough for us to get the boats out of the water and we headed for home.

It was a very pleasant day just paddling around Penny Island.

I’ll pick up the computer in a couple of days.

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