Monday, November 10, 2014

A trip to the City.


Joanne and Dave came by around 9:30.
We got into Patti’s car and headed for San Francisco to visit
with my daughter, Gabriella and her husband, Morgan.

As we approached the Golden Gate Bridge


the fog was sliding into the bay.


We got to Gabriella’s house around 11:30 and visited with Gaby
and Morgan for a while.


Around 1:30 we went to the Old Clam House for a bite to eat.


The food was great. Morgan and I each had a bucket of steamed clams. “yummy”.

We split a dozen oysters on the half shell. “Yummy” again.
Gaby had the clam chowder and t
he rest had fish and chips.

We parted with Gaby and Morgan at the restaurant and headed
for home.
The fog had come and gone.


It was clear all the way home.


A nice day in the City.

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