Tuesday, November 11, 2014

An exhaust system repair on the Jeep.

I while back I had some work done on the jeep exhaust system.
Of course they screwed it up. They cut out the OEM clamp on
the catalytic converter and did a funky tack weld holding the two
parts of the clamp together.

I jacked up the passenger side of the jeep so I would have some
room to work.

01Jack it up

I thought the weld had failed but upon further inspection I found that the
metal of the clamp had broken.

02broken clamp

To get to the clamp I had to drop the belly pan.

03belly pan

Below you can see the space between the two parts of the clamp.

gap in clamp

After a little bending and moving stuff I got the parts closer together
and welded them.

welded clamp 

After I welded the two pieces together I wacked them a couple times
with a big hammer and they stayed together so maybe that will fix this

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