Thursday, November 6, 2014

A trip to the Jelly Belly factory.

We picked Suzanne and Roy up around 10:00.
The original plan was to just show them the best route from
Santa Rosa to I-80 but I decided that as long as we were
going that far we might as well continue to Fairfield and the
Jelly Belly Factory.


Its all about the Bean.


Just inside the entrance of the factory are these two custom


This one had a side car.


When you enter you see jelly bean d├ęcor everywhere.



I didn’t know that Jelly Belly invented candy corn.


We got in line for the tour and followed a nice young girl along a
corridor with windows looking down on the equipment and people
making jelly beans. It was a sweet tour (we got samples). In the
factory there are several examples of jelly bean art but
unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures on the tour.

Here is one such example that was in the lobby.


Of course after the free tour we wandered around the store picking
up bags and boxes of Jelly belly’s, fudge and other confections.

Our free tour ended up costing us around $35.00.


I think Roy’s tour was more like $60.00.


We left the factory and headed for home around 1:30. The plan was to
stop at Cattleman's Restaurant for an early dinner but when we got there
we found that they wouldn’t be open until 4:00 so we went to our house
and had a light snack to hold us over until Cattleman’s opened.
Around 4:30 we went to dinner.
The dinner was very good and Roy picked up the bill.
Thanks Roy.

After dinner we took Suzanne and Roy back to their RV and said our
goodbye's promising to meet up with them in Arizona.

We had a wonderful time with Suzanne and Roy and are so glad they
decided to come to California for a visit and hope they will come back
some time.


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