Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dinner and Cards. 11-05-14

Yesterday was pretty low key.
We gave Suzanne and Roy a reprieve from touring Sonoma County so
that they could get some rest and take care of chores like laundry, etc.

Around 4:30 Patti went over to the fairgrounds to pick S&R up to bring
them back here for dinner. When she left I began cooking a big batch
of “Nopalitos” (cactus and pork).

Around 5:30 Joanne and Dave showed up.
We all visited for a while and then sat down to dinner.


After dinner we watched the video of Suzanne and Roy’s second
wedding. Lots of good memories there and lots of laughs.
After the video we played cards.


It was a lot of fun and of course a lot more laughs too.

Today we are taking Suzanne and Roy to the Jelly Belly factory
in Fairfield. I want to show them the best route to take to get out of
Sonoma County and onto I-80 for when they leave here on Thursday.
The Jelly Belly factory just happens to be on the way.
We will be sad to see them go as we have had a great time showing
them around our beautiful area.

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