Friday, November 21, 2014

More work on the Jeep fender flairs 11-21-14.

Well, it rained most of the day and we got more stuff put in the motor home.

It stopped raining for a little while so I did some more work on the fender flairs.
I measured the extension against the end o the fender flair.


I marked it and cut it. Then after a lot of fitting, finagling and marking I finally riveted the metal clip to the end piece.


Then I riveted that to the fender flair but I still have to bolt it to the jeep.


By the time I got the drivers side done (I still have to paint the rivets) it was raining hard again so I gave up for the day.

The passenger side will be a bit harder to match because the end of the flair it is bunged up a bit as you can see in the first picture in this post.

It isn’t raining to day so I should be able to finish the job.

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