Sunday, June 5, 2016

Stiches Removed, Sick Days, and Installing The Winch



I got the stiches removed from my hand a few days ago.


It is still a little tender but I am starting to use it more every day.

Sick Days.

I am not sure what’s going on but I have been feeling sick to my stomach for about a week. Not violently but just un-well. As a result I have been just sleeping and reading and making frequent visits to the loo. It is getting better every day.

Installing the Winch.

As you may recall, I purchased a 9000 lb. winch from Harbor Freight. At the same time I got a “universal” winch mounting plate.

I have been feeling better the last couple of days so yesterday I started the process of installing the new winch on the jeep.

Mounting Plate.

The mounting plate has a buzzilian holes drilled in it. Unfortunately none of the holes in the plate match up with the mounting points on the jeep. Fortunately the holes for the winch to mount to the plate do match up with the winch.


Sway Bar.

Friday I found that the winch plate won’t sit flat on the front of the jeep unless the sway bar is removed.
Shortly after I bought the jeep I disconnected the front sway bar to improve articulation and to improve the ride when off road.
I haven’t noticed any adverse affect on the jeeps handling so Friday I removed the sway bar.


I spent yesterday mapping out the holes that I will need to drill in the plate to mount it. Two of the original holes in the plate come to within 1/4” of lining up with the jeeps holes so I will just have to turn those holes into slots. I am not sure if I will file the slots or use a torch. My hand is sill tender so I may use the torch.

I will likely drill the holes today and maybe even mount the winch.


More later.

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