Monday, June 20, 2016

Weekend at the Cabin.



Headed up to the cabin around 8:00. It was raining off and on the whole trip. The rain slacked by the time I got to Boonville.

Chewed Fuel Containers.

When I pulled up to the cabin I noticed that the gas can that I use for the chainsaw gas was laying in the middle of the camp. I went over to check it out and found teeth marks and punctures in the plastic can. Most of the gas had drained out.


I walked around to the back of the cabin where I have another plastic gas container and found that it also was chewed up.
This is the second time I have found fuel containers that have been chewed up.
I don’t know what the attraction the fuel offers or what kind of animal is chewing up the containers. I can’t imagine drinking gasoline. I’ll bet whatever did it is having a bad stomach ache.

Barbeque Fix.

Once I got my stuff moved into the cabin. I decided to put the heat deflector on the barbeque. It fit good.


This will extend the life of the old cheep grill for a couple more years.

Joanne, Dave, Loraine, Patti and Dina Arrive.

About  9:30 Joanne, Loraine and Dave showed up. We sat around and visited for a bit then Joanne and Dave went to their camp to get moved in.
Patti and Dina showed up about 30 minutes after J & D.

After a while we all went down to J&D’s and sat around there visiting.

New keys for the lower gate.

After a bit Dave and I decided to go down the hill to see if our new keys to the gate worked. They did work so we continued down the hill and across the creek to the grove. Just after going through the grove gate we came to a downed tree. Fortunately I had a chain saw in the jeep so Dave and I cleared the tree and continued to the swimming hole to check it out. Every year it changes with the winter rains.
This year the hole is deeper but a little smaller. Unfortunately I didn’t think to bring the camera so there aren’t any pictures.

After checking everything out we headed back to camp. The ladies were still in the same place visiting.

Fixing the Water Feature.

After a little while Dave and I went to check out the water feature by the stump. Some thing had pulled the pipe back and had bitten a hole in the plastic line to the water feature. Probably the same critter that chewed the gas cans.


It was an easy fix, I just cut the line and inserted a plastic coupler.


Around 4:00 it began to rain lightly. Patti Loraine and Dina left by 4:30.

For dinner I grilled a steak and heated a yam on the grill. It worked just right.

OH! I almost forgot.

Something (probably the same critter) knocked down the cherry tree and broke it at the base.


I went ahead and finished the job. I was bummed. The tree was the first one that I planted up here. It was kind of sickly and the cherries were no good but the flowers were nice in the spring.


Sweeping the Roof.

After breakfast I got up on the roof to sweep off all the redwood litter that has collected on the roof over the year.


I also wanted to check out the flue pipe for the stove.
There has been an intermittent leak around the roof jack. It looks like I will have to do some calking up there next time.

Cleaning up.

Dave and I removed the picnic table from the dining hall


so that Joanne could do some cleaning.


Joanne also cleaned the wash house.


Weed Whacking.

Later in the day, Dave and I did some weed whacking.


Joanne and Dave packed up and left around 4:00.



Fixing the Cook Stove.

After breakfast I did some work on the cook stove in the cabin. One of the jets was leaking and it would burn outside the burner. It only took a little Teflon tape around the threads to fix the problem. I had a little trouble getting the jet adjusted. Eventually I swapped burners and that fixed the problem.

Going Home.

Around noon I started packing the jeep to go home.
I left the cabin around 1:00 and got home by 2:30.

Dinner and a visit to J&D’s.

We decided to try a new Mexican restaurant In Windsor. The restaurant is called “Me Pueblo” in the Raley's Shopping Center.
Patti had the chicken fajita’s and I had enchiladas. The food was good and the price was average.

After dinner since we were in Windsor we decided to stop by Joanne and Dave’s for a visit. Their children were there for Father’s Day so we got to visit with our great nephew Matt, his wife, Elisa and their 2 year old daughter (our great, great niece) Riley and our other Great nephew, Ryan.

We all sat around and watched the Golden State Warriors loose the Championship.

Okay, that was my weekend at the cabin.

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