Monday, June 13, 2016

Finish the Winch and Dinner With the Family.


Finish the Winch Project.

I have been wondering how I was going to connect the power cables from the winch to the battery.

There aren’t any available connections at the battery without changing the battery cable ends to a type that has a couple of bolts on it.

Like the ones below.


Or this type.


The down side to both of these approaches is that I would have to cut the cables, strip the ends and put new connectors on the ends.

After some thought I decided to just drill and tap a hole in each original connector and bolt the winch cables to the battery that way.

Here is how it turned out.


I think this should work just fine. I tested the winch and it works.

Here is the completed project.


I am probably going to change the fairlead with a different type that won’t stick out as far. The one that came with the winch won’t allow the tow bar to be folded up when moving the jeep with the tow bar connected.

Getting Some Work Done on the Jeep.

I am taking the jeep to 4Wheel Parts to get some work done on it.
It has a broken transmission and motor mount and the transfer case pops out of low range. There are some loose tie rod ends that need to be replaced so I am having the shop upgrade the steering to a heavier duty system.
I will be taking it in tomorrow.

Dinner With the Family.

My daughter Gaby came up for a visit. She wanted to see my younger daughter Felice and my sister Mary. So we decided to all meet at Mary’s for a visit and then go out to dinner.

It was a good visit and we went to a Chinese place in Petaluma called Lili Kie for dinner. The food was excellent and very reasonable.

We forgot to bring a camera but the girls took a couple of pictures on their cell phones. They promised to email the pictures to me but as of this post I haven’t received any pictures.


Okay, that’s it for now.

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  1. I sent them to you and then sent patti a text to see if she received them. She didn't respond. PARENTS!!