Friday, June 10, 2016

The Trunk and a Reunion of Sorts



We went back to Scot and Cindy’s to finish going through the trunk.

Yesterday we contacted my nephew John, who lives in Sparks and invited him to come to Fallon for visit. 
As it turned out, John went to school with Scot’s wife Cindy, and knew a lot of the same people.
His best friend from high school “Kevin”, lives in  Fallon.


Kevin is also one of Scot’s best friends so Scot called him up and told him that John was here so he came by to visit.
They had a great time reminiscing about old times at Ukiah High. Eventually it dawned on us that John and Scot are actually cousins through my marriage to Patti. Our Family just increased by several individuals.

John went home around 4:30. Around 6:00 we put some burgers on the grill.

Around 8:00 we said our goodbye's to Scot and Cindy


and went back to the motel. As I write this Patti is in the casino paying her Nevada taxes.

Today (Friday)

We went to breakfast with Kathi and Bob. They are leaving to go back to Oregon.


We are going to Sparks where we will go out to dinner and visit with John and Cindy. Yeah I know It gets kind of confusing with John and Scot both having a wife named Cindy.

It has been a great visit and a lot of fun learning new stuff about Patti’s family history.

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