Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Last Couple Days.



Patti’s Surgery.

Patti had some more surgery for skin cancer on her forehead.
She has one nasty looking scar on her forehead.


I told her she should tell people that it is a dueling scar and maybe wear an eye patch and say “aarrrr” a lot.

Visit to the DMV.

Around 8:30 Monday morning I drove over to my grandson’s (Harvey) to pick him up and take him to the DMV so he could get hid learning permit.
Harvey had a 9:20 appointment. We got there in plenty of time and it still took over an hour for him to get out of there.

Just puttered around for the rest of the day.


Drop Off the Jeep

Around 9:00 we dropped off the jeep to 4wheel Parts to get the work done on it.
As of this morning they still have the jeep. Hopefully it be will done today.

Around noon we went to Costco to stock up on meat and have lunch.

Later I made a new heat shield for the small barbeque at the cabin. It was just a mater of cutting a piece of sheet metal 4-1/2” by 15” and bending it a little along the long axes so it looks kind of like a little roof.


It will cover the burner on the barbeque to keep the grease from getting on the burner and rotting it out.

Well, that’s it for now. We don’t have much planned for today. We are just waiting to get the jeep back so I can start getting things packed to go to the cabin for the weekend.

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