Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Shopping Day


Off to Freidman Bros. Hardware

Around 10:00 I headed for the south end of SRO to Freidman Brothers Hardware. I wanted to purchase a Makita cordless reciprocating saw, some calking, some paint and a new cap for the wood stove at the cabin. 

I have wanted a Makita ‘saws all’ ever since I got the Makita drill and driver set last year. I can’t buy batteries for my old Harbor Freight saw so I tossed it. They had one at F.B.H. so I bought it and some extra blades.

I got some calking and paint to try and fix the intermittent leak near the roof jack for the wood stove.

Bat Guano.

There is a bat living in the cabin and I cant pin down where it is getting in so some of the calk is to seal up any place that looks like a bat could possibly get through.

New Battery.

Last year I put one of the deep cycle batteries that I use to power the cabin, in the van so now I needed to buy a new one for the cabin. I went to Walmart and Pep Boys and neither one had the battery I wanted so on the way home I stopped at O’Reilly's Auto Parts and found one that would work.

Oops! I Forgot Something.

When I got home I realized that I had forgotten to get a new cap for the wood stove pipe. Maybe I’ll go get one today.

Patti’s Stitches.

While I was out running around Patti went to get the stitches removed from her forehead. Her scar looks a lot better with the stitches out.


Ok, that was our Monday.

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