Thursday, June 16, 2016

Pick Up the Jeep and Pack for the Cabin


The Jeep.

Yesterday we picked the jeep up at 4wheel Parts.
They installed a new heavy duty steering system (tie rods and tie rod ends), new heavy duty front track bar and new steering damper.


They also replaced the broken transmission mount and motor mounts.
I also had them install the new thermostat and housing. The old thermostat was not working properly and the housing was cracked.

I noticed on the way home that the bumping sound that was comming from the back of the jeep when I take off, is gone and the jeep just feels like it is more connected to the wheels. Of course I will have to see how it does on the freeway.

Packing for the cabin.

We spent some of today getting ready to go to the cabin.
I have everything that I will need packed except cooler stuff and last minute items.
Tomorrow morning I will head up there around 8:30. Patti will be coming up later with her daughter, Dina. They are only staying for the day but I will be staying until Sunday.

Talk to you again in a few days.

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