Thursday, June 9, 2016

Going Through the Trunk.


Around 10:00 we went to Scot and Cindy’s to begin the task of going through this beautiful old trunk.




The trunk was full to the top with old pictures and other family history.


There were a lot of stories told and lots of laughs and even some tears as Patti and Kathi went through the pictures.


Around 6:00 we barbequed some steaks for dinner and left to go back to our motel around 8:00. On the way we were treated to a nice Nevada sunset.


Back at the motel Patti and Kathi wanted do a little gambling and we had some free drink coupons so Bob and I each got a cocktail.

Bob had a Bloody Mary. I am not used to ordering cocktails and couldn’t decide what to have. I finally decided to have a Margarita.
It was pretty weak but at least it quenched my thirst.

Okay that’s it for today.

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