Monday, June 6, 2016

Winch Project Continued.


Drilling the Mounting Holes.

The first thing I did yesterday was to drill the mounting holes for the winch.

I measured, double checked and measured again.


Finally I set up the drill press and drilled the four holes.



Even with all the measuring and checking I still managed to get one of the holes in the wrong spot. It was about half a hole off so instead of having to torch 2 holes I had 3 holes to torch. After torching the holes I finished them up with a large round file.

A test fitting.

It took a few attempts but eventually I got all the holes in the right spot.

Here is the final test fitting.


This shows the hole that I drilled wrong and had to torch at the top.


Everything seems to fit so now I have to get some grade 8 metric bolts to bolt it down permanently.

I still have to bolt the winch to the mounting plate. The heads of the front bolts stick down below the plate so I will have to drill a couple of large holes in the top of the bumper to accommodate them. Maybe I can get this done today.


Tomorrow we are leaving on a trip to Fallon, Nevada to visit relatives. We won’t be back until next Saturday.

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