Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Two trips to Parker. 12-02-14


Around 10:00 I went over to Jo Ann and Dave’s to see if Dave wanted to go up to Parker to get a travel permit for the Colorado River Indian Reservation. The Indians require a permit to drive on their land at a cost of $25.00.
Patti was doing laundry and had our jeep so Dave and I went to Parker in his jeep.
When we got there I realized that I had forgotten to take the registration for my jeep so I couldn’t get the permit.

Not too long after we got back to the RV park, Patti finished the laundry and we ate lunch. Patti wanted to make some potato salad so we waited for her to start that. Around then Debby stopped by and we visited while Patti finished the potato salad. When Patti was done we headed for Parker.
This time I was able to get the permit.
You know it wouldn’t be so bad getting a permit if the people at the office were at least cordial. The woman at the reservation fish and game office, where you get the permit was down right surly. She acted like it was a big imposition to have to get off her butt to take my money; and not even a thank you or kiss my ass or anything.
If it wasn’t for the fact that the people in the Jeep group we ride with are planning to take several rides into the rez. this season I wouldn’t bother.

After we got the permit we went to Walmart and did a little shopping.

We were back home by around 3:30.

After dinner Patti went to the rec hall to play bingo.


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