Monday, December 22, 2014

More jeep and furnace work. 12-22-14


Yesterday morning I put the new steering damper on the jeep; it only took about 20 minutes.
After that I removed the control board from the furnace. Some of the wires are too short to easily reconnect them to a new board so I had to make a couple of pig tails. I didn’t have the correct connectors so I went to KB tools to get some.

While I was at it I tried to find a place to get a new board but all the RV parts places were closed as it is Sunday.

Shirley and Bill came by around 11:30 and after visiting for a while asked if we wanted to go for lunch at the Bad Boys.
We decided that would be a good thing so we went to lunch with them.

The lunch was good; Patti and I each had a grilled chicken sandwich.

I took some pictures of Bad Boys and KB tools but I used the chip to test the print photo option on the new printer. It worked and I was able to print from the chip but when I tried to put them on my computer they moved from the chip but never appeared on the computer. A weird folder appeared on the chip that I can’t get rid of. Maybe the pictures are still in the printer, some where but I did see them on the chip when I brought it up on my computer.

Some times computers can be so frustrating!!!!

Eventually I’ll get some pictures of that part of town and I can show you these places.

Patti got a couple nice sunset pictures, here is one.





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