Saturday, December 6, 2014

Clifford's Camo paint.

We took a little ride out of town into the south Plomosa mountains.
I wanted to get some pictures of Clifford in the desert to see how it looked against a natural background.

We drove out Sunkist Road. It is still in pretty good shape considering the heavy monsoon season that they had down here in the summer. Some of the wash crossings were a bit rough but still better than they were a few years ago.
When we got to Plomosa Road we headed east a couple of miles and turned right into the desert. We were looking for a place where the background was a close match to Clifford’s paint color.
We found a spot in a wash that looked like it would work so we pulled off the trail into the wash and took some pictures of the jeep.

You know, under just the right circumstances and with the right background Clifford’s camo paint job is pretty effective.




After taking a couple of pictures we continued our ride. We headed east until we came to the road that goes passed the Climax mine and around the mountain. We turned onto this trail and followed it all the way back to Sunkist Road where we headed toward town.
Along the way Patti took pictures of holes in the rocks.



She also got a picture of a saguaro with the bottom gone. I have read that the Bighorn sheep like to eat saguaro so I suspect that is what has happened here. I wonder if the environ-mental’s who protect the saguaro’s would arrest the sheep for destroying this one.


We also saw what appears to be a large Rat’s nest.


It made me think of the Muskrat nests in the Russian River estuary.

On the way back to the RV we stopped at Taco Mio for lunch. Patti had two fish taco’s and I had two Carne Asada taco’s.

I’m not sure what we are going to do for the rest of the day but if it is something interesting I’ll let you know tomorrow.

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