Saturday, December 13, 2014

Data usage, gambling, shooting and jeep repair. 12-13-14

Out of data again.

I’m not quite sure what happened but we used up our monthly allotment of data again. The only thing I can think is that my new computer is always sending and receiving data while it is in sleep mode. Yesterday morning we got a message from Verizon that we had used 75 percent of our available 10 gigs of data. In the afternoon we got another message saying we had used 90 percent. This whole time we weren’t using the computers. We weren’t doing anything online and by 9:00 we got another message saying that all our data had been used up.
Before I bought the new laptop we had only 5 gigs and seldom used the 5 gigs.
As soon as I started using this computer our data usage shot up, so we got a new plan with 10 gigs available. Now we are using the ten gigs before the month is over. From now on we will have to turn the Wi-Fi off unless we are actually working on line.

The Wi-Fi in the RV park is the pits and costs money so I will try to publish the next several blogs at the library using their Wi-Fi.

Patti went gambling. 

Patti, Jo Ann and Becky went to Parker to visit the casino. Patti and Becky lost money but Jo Ann made a little.

Dave and I went shooting.

Dave bought a couple of Russian rifles at the monthly yard sale so yesterday he and I went out to a spot north of town to try them out. They are bolt action 7.62 MM military guns.
On the way out the door I grabbed my camera so I could get some pictures.
As it turned out the camera didn’t have a card in it. The card was still in my computer. There is no indication on the camera that the card was missing so I happily took several pictures of the rifles and Dave shooting them. 
Sorry no pics.
The rifles shot ok. One had a very bad trigger. Very stiff with a lot of creep before it finally fired. Once we got that figured out it was pretty accurate.
The other one had a much better trigger but the sights need some work. The sights are a leaf style military sight that are adjustable for long range but at the lowest setting the rifle still shot very high.
They were fairly comfortable  to shoot without excessive recoil.

I go to Parker for some parts.

When we were on the ride Wednesday the tailpipe hanger on the jeep broke. I borrowed some tie wire from Dik and wired it up so it would quit rattling while we were on the ride.

Yesterday when Dave and I got back from shooting I drove to Parker to get a new hanger and a clamp.

We have a Car Quest auto parts store in Quartzsite but the guy that runs it is a dick and he doesn’t have a good selection of parts. I hate to spend money in his store so if my vehicle is running I will go to Blythe or Parker for parts.

Yesterday the weather was very blustery with some very strong gusts so I didn’t want to drive down I-10 to Blythe. I-10 is like a race track with most vehicles going 80 to 90 + mph. I usually end up pushing Clifford up to 70 or 75 mph. Also the winds along that section of highway come screaming down the Colorado River and are much worse than they are here around Quartzsite,
that is why I went to Parker; it’s a much mellower drive.
I stopped at the Napa store there. They were very helpful and I got the parts I needed.
After I got home I replaced the hanger in about 30 minutes and now the exhaust system is solid again.

That was our day. Not very adventurous but then every day can’t be an adventure. That would be to stressful. Winking smile 

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