Thursday, December 11, 2014

New boots, the rez and desert mushrooms. 12-11-14

On Tuesday we took a ride to Blythe to get me some new boots.
I had heard that there was a Redwing dealer in Blythe. It turned out to be a sporting goods store called The Yellow Mart. They carried several brands of shoes and work boots. After trying on several pairs to get something that would work on my bad foot I bought a pair of Wolverine boots. They felt good at the store but after wearing them for a few hours they hurt my big toe. That toe has always been a problem so I guess I will have to work on breaking them in anyway.
While we were in Blythe we stopped at the A&R Deli and Bakery for lunch. They have good sandwiches made with their fresh baked bread. My personal favorite is the turkey on spiced cranberry bread.
Of course, after we ate our sandwiches we had to buy some thing to take home for dessert. We bought two Cannoli's. I hate to use this term but they were to die for.
If you are ever in Blythe stop at the A&R Deli for lunch.

Yesterday we took another ride into the Colorado River Indian Reservation.
We met the other jeeps in front of Freda,Gene, Becky and Dennis’s at the northwest end of Quartzsite. From there we headed north and after a short drive on the main dirt road


we turned right and followed a trail into the Tyson Wash.


We were at the back of the group behind Dik’s (That is the way he spells it)Cherokee, Patti noticed a bumper sticker on his rear window that says it all.


Once in the wash we drove north for a few miles and entered the rez.
A mile or so into the rez we passed some cool looking sand cliffs on our right.


We couldn’t find any trails going toward these cliffs so we continued on until we came to a trail that went around the west end of the formation between the cliffs and some agricultural land.


After a mile or two we found a wash with lots of tracks going toward the north side of the cliffs. DSCF9172

We followed this track to a place where the trail went up a very steep sand hill.


We elected not to try the hill. It was decided that this would be a good spot to have lunch so we broke out the chairs and lunchboxes and sat around eating and visiting.


While we were sitting there Dik took a stroll up the canyon. When he came back he told us that there was a big wild bee hive in the side of the cliff.
Several of us walked up the sandy wash to get some pictures of the hive.


Here you can see the cones and lots of bees.


When I got back to the jeep I was limping pretty badly as my big toe was hurting. Fortunately I brought my old boots with me in the jeep so I put them on. Much better.

We headed back down the wash to the trail we were following and continued around the cliffs.

We found another trail going toward the cliffs and followed it.


The trail wound through a narrow canyon with high cliff on each side.


The trail was mostly pretty good


with one bumpy area


and a few tight spots


The trail goes to the left of the tree.

There were lots of interesting rock formations in this canyon.



After a mile or so we came to a place that was impassable by us so we turned around again and headed back to the main trail.
As we drove back down the trail we passed a niche in the side of the cliff


with a horse scull set in it like some kind of shrine.


Back on the flats we saw some semi wildlife.


I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of those horns.

We followed the trail along some power lines.


It was a bit dusty.

Along the way we saw something that I didn’t expect.
Desert mushrooms.


I looked these up online and found that they were a type of Shaggy Main mushroom.
Here is a sight with more info.

The trail we were on eventually got into an area of low hills which I call a
merry-go-round as the trail goes round and round and up and down.


Eventually we came to an area where there was some old mining activity in the distance. There was also a very old rusted car body. Not sure what model it was.


We decided to come back here at a later date to check out the mining area.

We turned left at this place and followed the trail until we dropped back into Tyson Wash where we headed south for town.
At one spot a woman came running out into the wash and waved us down. It turned out that she and her husband were stuck on side trail and asked for our help to get unstuck.
It turned out they were in a Polaris ATV and were high centered on a berm that they tried to cross.


We hooked them to Dave’s jeep and pulled them free. I was surprised that they could get an ATV stuck that way but I guess you can get any vehicle stuck under the right conditions.

After the rescue we headed on down the wash and eventually took a trail that left the wash and connected with the main dirt road heading for “Q”.
We were home around 4:00. At 4:45 we met the jeepers at Burger King for dinner.

It was a fun ride again and we are looking forward to the next one.

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