Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shopping in Blythe CA. 12-16-14


Yesterday looked like it was going to be another day where we sit around all day.

Around 11:00 we decided to take a ride to Blythe, CA to do some shopping.
We drove west on I-10, crossed the Colorado and took the Blythe 7th Street exit.
We drove through town. Our first stop was the Post Office so Patti could mail off the Christmas cards with gifts to our kids, grandkids and their significant others.

The next stop was at the west end of town at K Mart.
I was looking for a case for my new laptop. No luck.
Patti wanted to look for a couple new blouses. No luck there either.
The only thing we found that we needed was a extension cord and a bottle of Tums.

After we left K Mart we stopped at Garcia’s Mexican restaurant for lunch. We didn’t want to eat a big meal so we both ordered a quesadilla. Patti had the grilled chicken and I had the carne asada. It was just enough for me but Patti couldn’t finish hers so she took the one slice left home to have for breakfast.

From Garcia’s we drove through town and stopped at the new Smart and Final store where we bought some groceries, etc. Of course it seems like you can never get every thing you need at just one store so we went across the street to Albertsons where we finished our shopping.
From there we headed for home. We got back to the RV around 3:30.
Cool! We were able to use up most of the day shopping in Blythe.

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