Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Ride to Blythe CA. 12-23-14 evening.


Out of desperation we decided to take a ride to Blythe and have lunch at the A&R Bakery and Deli.
I went over to Jo Ann and Dave’s to see if they needed anything in Blythe.
Jo Ann said that they were also planning to go to Blythe and would we like to ride with them.
We all climbed into Dave’s truck and off to Blythe we went.
We stopped at the post office so Jo could mail something.
After that we went to the Dollar Tree and found a few things, some pudding cups, a package of fresh gnocchi's and a box of moon pies. I haven’t seen Moon Pies in years and just couldn’t resist I spent $3.00.

From the Dollar Tree we went to the A&R Deli for lunch, it was very good as usual.
Jo Ann and Dave were suitably impressed.

After lunch we stopped at Albertsons and got a jar of Marinara Sauce, a small jar of Pace Picante Sauce a 12 pack of Bud light Chelada (beer and Clamato juice with some other spices added) and a gossip magazine.  That came to $39.00. What is wrong with this picture?

We were home by around 2:30.

Tomorrow (12-24) we are heading to Laughlin Nevada for Christmas; we will be back on Friday 12-26.
I will take my laptop but I am not sure that I will be posting any blogs from there. You will just have to check from time to time.


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