Sunday, December 21, 2014

No heat and Jeep repairs. 12-21-14


Friday morning I set up our new Epson WIFI printer. Everything seems to work fine; it prints, copies and scans. There is also a slot for a SD chip so you can print photo’s directly from the chip. Once I got the printer working I printed out the picture of Clifford’s camo paint.


We took the picture over to Cheryl and Dennis’s to show it to them as they don’t have internet. Dennis has been kidding me about the paint job saying that he can’t see my jeep when I show up so I figured he would get a laugh out of the picture.

Later Patti and I went to KB tools which is a tool vender that sets up a tent in the vender area south of town. Next time we go there I will take a camera and let you see the area.
We just picked up a few items like a outside temp gauge, an inside thermometer, a spray nozzle for the kitchen sink and a connection for the waste tanks that you can hook a hose to for draining gray water when boon docking.


It was very cold in the morning so I turned on the furnace the fan came on but the furnace never lit so I turned it off and on a couple times without success.

We went to breakfast at the Mountain Quail Café.

After breakfast I pulled the cover off the furnace and messed with it for a while. I checked voltages and found that there was power at the control board but nothing coming out to the gas solenoid. I tapped on a couple components on the board and the furnace fired up. I decided that as long as it was running I would leave it for a while and work on something else. 

I have been noticing lately that when I hit a bump on the road occasionally the front end will start shimmying.
I suspected that the steering damper was not working properly so I looked at it and noticed that it was covered with oil. I took one end loose and could slide it in and out with no trouble. While sliding it in and out I could hear air
bubbling inside.
I put the damper back on and called The Napa Auto Parts store in Blythe to see if they had one in stock. They did but they were closing at 2:00 and at that time it was 1:45 there and 2:45 here. California is an hour earlier than Arizona.
I called The Napa store in Parker; they also had one and wouldn’t be closing until 4:00. 
I jumped in the jeep and headed for Parker. I got the part and was home about 4:30. It is about a forty minute drive to Parker but I had to get gas in the jeep on the way.

We went to the Mountain Quail again for their Prim Rib special, it was very good.

Okay, I have to get to work and replace the steering damper on the jeep and pull the control card from the furnace and see if I can find one in town. There are several RV parts places here to choose from so I hope one of them will have what I need.


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  1. Looks like you really have the work cut out for you, I know the feeling having to work on the car yourself but i take pride and joy from being my own mechanic. Its such a treat to work on these jeeps the technology is not so far gone that you can do a lot at home in the garage.

    Freddy @ Jacky Jones Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram