Thursday, November 24, 2016

Some Visiting and a Ride to Dripping Springs.


We didn’t do a lot on Tuesday.

Around 1:00am. Patti and I went to Jo Ann and Dave’s to pick up Patti’s camera as she had left it at the happy hour get together the previous evening.
We sat around and visited with them for a little while.
While we were their I mentioned that I was ready for a jeep ride on Wednesday and would they like to come along. They replied that they would love to. We decided that we would meet at the 76 Station at 9:30.

We left Jo Ann and Dave’s and went home so I could finish the blog.

In the afternoon we took a ride over to Becky and Dennis’s and visited with them for a while. They couldn’t go on the ride as they were going to LA for Thanksgiving with relatives.

Patti got on the phone and contacted some of our other jeeping friends to see if they wanted to go.

Ride to Dripping Springs.

We met at the 76 Station. There were three jeeps; Jo Ann, Dave, Joy and Robert and Patti and I.

We headed south on 95 and turned left at the long term visitors area; a BLM Campground just south of town.
We drove through there for a short distance and stopped to air down the tires. I still had 40 lbs. of air in my tires and the ride was pretty rough.


After airing down we continued into the desert.


I haven’t driven to Dripping Springs in a couple of seasons so we drove into a couple of canyons before I found the right trail.


Eventually we got on the Dripping Springs trail.


I remember the first time we drove this trail about 10 years ago we thought this spot was very challenging.


Now it is more like a speed bump.


A short distance from the speed bump we turned right and drove up the hill to the Dripping Springs parking area where we had lunch.


The Spring.

After eating my lunch I took a walk up to the spring in the canyon behind us.
The spring is at the bottom of this shear cliff.


There is always a little water dripping from the rocks at this time of year.



There is a trail that goes along the canyon and goes by some Petroglyphs.

Here is one of the larger ones.


Leaving the spring.

When leaving the spring you go through this very narrow gorge.


After exiting the gorge you climb a steep hill.


You go down the other side of the hill and enter a wash. The wash eventually comes to a road and a short distance later you come to pavement.

Dinner at Al’s.

J&D met us for dinner at Silly Al’s Pizza. The best Pizza west of the Pecos.

A fun day!

Happy Thanksgiving.

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